• Allows you to multi-stream currently single streamed batch jobs.
  • No need to amend application source codes.
  • Allows Asynchronous backup and multi-streamed recovery.
  • Includes command substitution module.
  • Works across Mimix HA.
  • Includes iSTREAM Performance Analyser

You don’t have to take our word that iSTREAM will improve your system’s performance, you can try it for yourself. We have two options available to allow this:

Option 1 : Simply download the software and user guides from our downloads page and try for yourself or;

Option 2 : Request a performance evaluation from our technical experts and we will write you a performance gain report and set targets. We can then implement iSTREAM on your servers. If we meet the targets you buy the software. If not then you may choose to remove it.


“BSTAR [the previous name for iSTREAM] is a clever piece of kit giving a new lease of life to old batch processes the way GUI rejuvenates text-based interfaces.”

“Without BSTAR our batch window would be much longer; so much so that it would be virtually impossible for us to continue using the application. It’s a very administrator-friendly tool, for once implemented, BSTAR does not require any maintenance.”