Bank of Cyprus licences BSTAR for Cyprus & Greece

skripnik   May 25, 2015   Comments Off on Bank of Cyprus licences BSTAR for Cyprus & Greece

Bank of Cyprus have purchased Enterprise licences of BSTAR for both Cyprus and Greece banks, with an option to extend the licence to other countries including UK, Ukraine, Russia &c where the Misys Equation core banking system is deployed.

The Bank is a long time user of Misys Equation in a number of its international branches and has implemented Equation in Cyprus where it is the largest domestic bank.

The reasons for acquiring BSTAR were:

a. To use the ANSPROF performance analysis tool to understand possible inefficiencies in the software it has developed to migrate data into Equation from legacy systems.

b. To speed up migration applications. This was done and dramatic improvements were achieved that allowed the data migration to be completed over a weekend.

c. To optimise the running of Equation end of days. The bank’s enlightened approach to utilising BStar for this purpose from day 1 means that they will always be confident of running Equation on the most cost effective server configurations possible.

he bank are reported to be very happy with the performance results and the pace at which they are becoming self sufficient with the tool.