iBoost & MPG on a mission to supercharge batch performance

skripnik   May 25, 2015   Comments Off on iBoost & MPG on a mission to supercharge batch performance

The two companies have agreed to cooperate in order to bring iBOOST’s unique software solutions, focusing on improving the performance of long running batch processes on the IBMi, to the US market. The two have signed agreements making Midrange Performance Group (MPG) the US partner for sales of iBOOST’s iSTREAM software solution. MPG will also host the US support center for iSTREAM and assist with implementation.
iSTREAM has been sold successfully in Europe and Asia for a number of years and iBOOST has decided to expand its sales efforts into the largest market for IBMi worldwide. The two parties met recently at the annual COMMON event in Florida and understand that there is significant synergy in their solutions and a strong need for iSTREAM in the market.
Randy Watson, MPG’s President noted “We got involved with iBOOST because in the literally thousands of performance evaluations we have been engaged in over the years with the IBM i platform, our customers often ask about tools to help them with their batch window. ”When we were shown what iSTREAM could do, with minimal effort, we knew it was something that represented a serious value-add. Since MPG’s focus has always been hardware performance, iBOOST is a way for us to help our customers tune their applications to fit a tight batch window, using hardware that is more than adequate for everything else.”
Iain Coles, iBOOST’s CEO commented “we did extensive research into possible partner companies in the US and MPG came highly recommended by a number of contacts. MPG has a leading position in the IBM i community when it comes to performance management and we were very impressed with the level and depth of IBM i expertise throughout the company. It was also important for us to find a partner who can not only sell our software competently but also support the customers that we win. MPG has a large and very satisfied user base for its own software solutions”.
iSTREAM allows users to improve batch performance by implementing a toolkit that can enable multi-streaming of single streamed batch processes, without the need to change any of the underlying application’s source codes. Typical results would be at least a 50% reduction in run times. Further functionality allows the replacement of traditional media backup strategies with journal based backup and multi-streamed recovery techniques, again with no access required to application source. The software can typically be implemented, tested and live within a few days of installation.
iSTREAM should be of special interest to users who have a tight batch window as well as users who would like to postpone hardware upgrades in the current difficult economic climate. The financial benefits of using iSTREAM could, in some cases, be many times the investment in the software license.
The software has been successfully implemented in a number of banks worldwide through iBOOST’s existing collaboration with Misys PLC in the UK. There are currently live sites in Angola, Belarus, Greece, Indonesia, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, United Kingdom & Yemen.
Pricing is based on the number of processors installed on the target machine and starts at below the $20K mark. The software can be downloaded from www.iboostsystems.com and after registration license keys can be provided that will enable a free 30 day evaluation.
US IBMi users would be welcome to contact MPG Inc by phone at (800) 457-6744, by email at support@mpginc.com or using live chat which can be accessed on the company’s home page www.mpginc.com.
iBOOST Limited is incorporated in Europe and can be contacted by phone at +43 676 562 4557 or by email at Iain.Coles@iBOOSTSystems.com.