“BSTAR [the previous name for iSTREAM] is a clever piece of  kit giving a new lease of life to old batch processes the way GUI rejuvenates text-based interfaces.”

“Without BSTAR our batch window would be much longer; so much so that it would be virtually impossible for us to continue using the application. It’s a very administrator-friendly tool, for once implemented, BSTAR does not require any maintenance.”

What do we do?

iBoost is strongly focused on getting the best performance possible from your IBMi processor resources.
For many organisations, single streamed batch jobs are often critical processes, such as daily interest calculations for banks, or daily sales consolidations for retail stores. Our mission is to provide tools that allow organisations the flexibility to use their processors to the max thus producing the following benefits:


  • Massive time savings for most batch jobs
  • No need to change any application code.
  • Get full benefit from IBM Power7
  • Delay IBMi upgrades into next budget year
  • Asynchronous backup and recovery
  • Supports Mimix
  • Reduction in business risk – shorter COB/EOD

iBoost’s founders have been working with IBMi based banking applications for decades – we know how these batch jobs grow as your business grows and we know how to utilise technology you probably already have to deal with it for good.

Our credentials

Because we know what we’re talking about. iBoost software products have been developed in consultation with IBM, they have been reviewed and received the respect of the IBMi gurus in Rochester.

The software has been installed in banks and it simply works.

But you don’t need to take our word for it, you can sign up for a free trial and see for yourself. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Download trial version of the software from our downloads page, read the manuals and try it for yourself.
  • Book a test drive with one of our consultants. We can check out your system, show you where the performance improvements could be made and set a sensible agreed target to reach. Then we will implement and you will only pay the license fees if we reach the target. If not we will uninstall and simply leave.