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You don’t need to take any risks when you try Bstar or iStream. Just download a copy of the software from this page, read the manual and try it out.

With the download comes a 30 day license to use the software. If you discover (as we are sure that you will) that you can run your batch jobs many times faster then just contact us to arrange to purchase the full licence and we will send you new licence keys. You won’t even need to reinstall.


Misys Equation users? – we have an even more attractive offer for you. We are so certain that you can get huge reductions in your end of day run times that we will prove it to you before you need to spend even a cent!

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Don’t have the time for a free trial? – if you wish we can either come onsite or even connect remotely to your systems and run your trial for you.

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This is our downloads page. From here you can download evaluation copies of our software as well as documentation and case studies. In order to download any software we will ask you to complete a brief registration form. Please be aware that your data will not be intentionally disclosed to any third parties or misused in any other way.


  • BSTAR V7 (i5/OS V5 & IBMi V6 and V7)
  • iSTREAM V3 (i5/OS V5, IBMi V6 IBMi V7R1)
  • iSTREAM V3 (BSTAR V7) PTF set
  • ANSPROF (i5/OS V5)


  • BSTAR BRLU Performance Tips
  • BSTAR BRLU Implementation for model application
  • iSTREAM CL Command Transformer (CCT)
  • iSTREAM Generic Multi-Streaming Toolkit Manual
  • iSTREAM Installation and Planning Guide
  • iSTREAM Performance Investigator
  • ANSPROF V5 Product Manual (OS V5R3 & V5R4)
  • ANSPROF 2.5.6 Product Manual (OS V5R2)
  • ANSPROF Strengths : Three Case Studies

Need help?

If you need help with installation or configuration of any of these products our consultants would be delighted to help. If you have a question then please visit our support page. If you wish to book a consultant visit to your site then this can be organised at competitive rates.


Our consultants have long experience not just of iBoost products but also of performance measurement and management on IBMi, SystemI, iSeries & AS/400. If you engage a consultant from us then his targets will be set before the visit, and if we are responsible for him not meeting his objectives, then you will not pay his daily rates.