Organization History

iBoost was created in 2009 by three highly experienced ex-Finastra professionals in order to satisfy the demand for a modernization of the Finastra Equation (FBEQ) end of day batch and perform other related optimisations. This modernization continues to be relevant and has evolved to cover far more functionality than was initially imaged such that in 2019 Finastra became official distributor of the iStream optimisation and end of day modernization suite, which it has found essential in persuading its largest users to continue to use the Equation system on IBMi.

Furthermore, through partnerships with both Finastra and a number of users of Equation, iBoost has grown into arguably the most experienced and talented collection of independent implementers and developers of the Equation core banking system worldwide.

Market Presence

iBoost is registered and headquartered in the EU but has it’s development centre in Manila and it’s main operations offices in Dubai and Bangalore. As a result of a mature partnership network and in particular its strong partnership with Finastra, it has existing customers and has carried out projects throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. iBoost is especially well known in the world of Finastra Equation core banking systems due to the fact that we have collected probably the foremost team of acknowledged Equation experts worldwide.


Our strength is in the quality of our people. Our ‘Team of Champions’ is a collection of many of the foremost experts in Finastra core banking technology. Our clients know that their projects will always be delivered by experienced experts who know how to hit the ground running and deliver effective results.


We seek to value our environment by minimizing our effect on it. We believe in equality and the power of diversity in our world. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex or faith. We believe that these values are compatible with delivering cost effective and elegant solutions to our clients.


To simplify the operations and systems architecture of our clients. To allow our clients to focus on customer satisfaction and profitability by exceeding expectation in our project performance.


To focus on the delivery of on-time, on-budget projects, with a human approach. At the same time to allow our Team of Champions to achieve their desired work/life balance and thus perform as effectively as they can for the benefit of our clients.