Security & Performance Audit

iBoost have long term partnerships with a number of IBMi software solution providers. In particular we work with two industry leading solutions:
a. Powerlock from Help systems is probably the leading comprehensive security solution for IBMi. Allowing organisations to protect their IBMi servers against attack and data breach both internal and external. In addition this suite of products allows for compliance monitoring of security settings and vulnerabilities against recognised internation auditing standards (COBiT, SOX, ISO &c).
b. Maxava offers a number of solutions with the main focus on data replication both to local servers and increasingly to cloud based DR & HA servers. The Maxava solution is becoming increasingly popular in a marketplace that is becoming dissatisfied with both the price increases and rumoured service quality decreases since the MIMIX solution was acquired by Syncsoft.
In case you have any interest in either of these areas please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a callback to discuss.