Service Composer & Maker Checker

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The Maker Checker (K552) module of Equation is designed to allow ‘four eyes’ processing when adding data or transactions to Equation. It comes from Finastra with 28 options ‘in the box’ and ready to go. However it is possible to significantly enhance this functionality by deploying Maker Checker on the Equation Desktop and at the same time using Service Composer to develop additional screens and functions, as well as creating new workflows and processes, unshackled by the constraints of the Equation WMENU1 user interface style.
iBoost has carried out a number of projects of this type and has a specialist team available to assist you with the full life cycle from Process and Workflow Design, through development of the new options in Service Composer, integration with Maker Checker and finally deployment. Feel free to contact us using the contact form and we will be happy to discuss your workflow ideas and help you understand how to best approach their satisfaction.